WWE Elimination Chamber LIVE Blog

Sitting her getting ready for the show to start. I missed the pre-show, so I’ll have to try to catch it later. I also see that Rusev has been scratched. If only they could have scratched the angles they’ve been running with him and Lana lately.

Looks like they’re starting with the tag team Elimination Chamber match. I’ll go back through and format this better later tonight. I’ll add some screenshots, too. I’m on my phone right now, so it’s just going to be a running commentary.

Kalisto jumped up on New Day’s pod and they started beating his legs, which was a funny spot. Now they just crotched him on the chains haha. Innovative.

Cesaro and Kidd come in and destroy everyone, and Cesaro hits a jumping European uppercut on Kalisto that was sick. Lawler calls Michael Cole J.R. a couple minutes later, which is hilarious.

OK, I switched to post-match commentary. It’s just easier and I can focus better. The match seemed designed to make Cesaro and Titus O’Neil look great, while letting New Day get the victory in the end due to their numbers advantage. Their act works better with the titles, so I expected them to win.

Looks like I did miss something from the pre-show:


Ok, the Diva’s Title match was better than expected (but terribly shitty when compared to NXT), but Nikki Bella going over again just boggles my mind. She’s a terrible women’s champ, and either of the other women would have been a vast improvement. Still, the match wasnt bad. I just hate the finish.

I really hope Owens goes over here, but I’m trying to tamp down my excitement. It looks like a perfect spot for him to win…if they really want to push him huge in the future. But we’ve seen similar situations before, and Cena still ends up winning lol. Plus, Owens is still in NXT. So, we’ll see.

My hope was well placed, as it turns out. What an incredible match. Cena and Owens have a great chemistry together in the ring. Owens pulled out everything to beat Cena, and it was totally the right call. 100% clean.

Bo Dallas vs Neville is next. I think Neville is about to take this one. Aaaand, I was correct. We then moved into Triple H telling Roman Reigns that he couldn’t come out with Dean Ambrose later tonight.

Ryback getting the Intercontinental strap is fine I guess, but I would have probably went with Sheamus. It is his first reign, though, and he’s gotten at least tolerable in the ring. Plus he usually does crack me up on the mic. Daniel Bryan giving him the belt after without a swerve was nice to see as well.

I’m the final match, we had the Dusty Finish, with Ambrose winning but the first referee throwing out the decision and making it a DQ victory. He did end up with the belt, after stealing it with the help of Reigns. I’m sure we’ll get another match out of these guys at Money in the Bank in two weeks. They’re also doing another Cena/Owens match, which I kind of think is a mistake, especially if Cena gets the win. But, we’ll see what happens.

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