Thoughts on RAW, SmackDown, Rollins, and Direction of WWE

OK, I know I’ve been lazy as hell about updated this site, but I’ve been going through a lot of shit. It’s just going to be me here writing for now, although I am looking to add contributors. There’s no pay at the moment, but you can promote whatever you want here on the site. I’ll be cross-posting some stuff here and there to our sister-site, But this place is about wrestling, and nothing else. It’s one of my passions, and I’ve been rededicating myself to it lately. I’ll catch up with NJPW, likely this weekend. But for now, I wanted to talk WWE. 

It’s funny how much I actually love the company, even though they frequently piss me off. It’s like that old friend who’s always there, even if he is kinda of a shithead sometimes. This past week, I’ve been watching a lot of WWE programming. RAW was great…for the first two hours. The final segment gave it a good ending, with Ambrose standing tall. But the rest of the third hour really took people down from the first two. The Rollins/Ambrose match, and the Cena/Zayn outing were both great. I’m still popping for that DDT Zayn hit. I knew he was going to lose, but kicking out of the Attitude Adjustment in his first big contest on RAW was a big deal. I hope he’s not out for any significant period of time due to the shoulder injury he allegedly suffered, because I feel like he could really get on a roll (by the way, Vince Russo is an idiot, and I put zero stock into his bullshit).

SmackDown was a bit slower, but there were still a few decent tag matches. Neville & Ziggler vs. Sheamus & Barrett was one of them, and I agree with this guy that a Sheamus and Barrett alliance might be worth exploring more. I also enjoyed the Lucha Dragons match with Los Matadores. The Dragons look like they’re about to blow up, and I loved the entrance. Of course I’ve seen them a lot on NXT already, but the act looks a lot more refined now that it’s in the big league. Cesaro & Kidd are outstanding and had another good match with The New Day (with Ryback added to mix). All in all, it was a by the numbers SmackDown, but I enjoyed it.

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The main event was a contract signing for the 4-way at Payback. Seth Rollins trashed Kane again so he had to actually come down and sign. Things broke down like you would expect, with Ambrose even saying something to the effect of “you already know what’s about to happen.” Yes, we did, but I liked how they ended with Rollins outsmarting everyone and standing tall. Speaking of Rollins…


This guy is on an amazing roll. I really hope they keep the belt on him for a good long while, because he’s like Edge reincarnated, except he’s probably better than Edge. In the ring he can do things I never saw Edge do, and he’s just as good if not better on the mic. They clearly made the right call by giving him the belt, cause he was ready to explode. The nude picture leak is so far in his rearview, it’s ridiculous. That could have killed some guys, but he’s just too damn good.tumblr_no046qlbaX1qc5b42o2_250 tumblr_no046qlbaX1qc5b42o3_250 tumblr_no046qlbaX1qc5b42o6_250

After catching up on the TV product over the last week (haven’t missed any PPVs), I’d have to say that WWE is heading in the right direction. I saw that RAW ratings are really low, but I REALLY think they need to stay the course. When Daniel Bryan comes back, and you get Brock back into the mix, things will really be ready to roll. In the meantime, they need to establish Rollins, Reigns, & Ambrose. I think they’re proceeding in the right direction, assuming Rollins somehow escapes with the belt at Payback. He needs a lot longer run, and he’s proving that every time out.

I’m still deciding how I’m going to do things around here, but expect a lot more posting as I figure it out. Thanks for stopping by.

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