Welcome to The Wrestling Retort

As the title says, welcome to The Wrestling Retort. I am the proprietor of this site, Ethan Ralph. You may know me from my other venture, TheRalphRetort.com, the #1 GamerGate website (haha, yes I threw it in). If you like what I do there, that’s great. If you hate it, that’s perfectly fine as well. That’s because we won’t be talking any GamerGate or cultural issues here. The only reason I started this site, is so my lovely partner Kat and I could have a place to talk professional wrestling. So, that’s what we’re gonna do here. Due to this, I went ahead and made my name on this site the same as my wrestling Twitter handle: MemphisMauler. This is of an homage to my roots, as I was born and raised in Memphis (and West Memphis lol).

We’re going to focus mostly on Japan and the US Indy scene. The reason for that is, neither one of us can hardly stand to watch WWE at the moment. But, I’m going to give my thoughts on the NXT special from last week sometime tomorrow, and I will cover the PPV on Sunday. I might also start doing some sort of TV recap for RAW and/or Smackdown, but that’s to be determined. What I can promise you is, full discussion of all major NJPW shows, and as many indy DVDs/PPVs as we can cover. I see this is more of a commentary site, and not a news site. But I may add more news features down the line.

Anyway, that’s the introduction to the site. I hope you all enjoy it. I’ll still be offering opinions on all the usual stuff over at TheRalphRetort, of course.

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